The first Roma Ball held in Novi Becej

romski bal sAs a part of the celebration of the global campaign "16 Days of Activism", the Association of Roma Novi Becej organized and held the first Roma Ball in order to raise funds to support girls victims of the practice of child marriages.

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Activation: Combating against violence and early marriages of the Association of Roma Novi Becej

aktivizacija sOn the occasion of the Action “16 days of activism in combating violence against women”, on 29.11.2019, the representative of the Roma Association of Novi Bečej made a guest appearance on the TV show “Activation” of the Radio Television Novi Bečej, during which she presented the work of the Association of Roma and announced events that Association will carry out during the Campaign.

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Medica Mondiale Regional Expert Exchange Workshop

Regional Expert Exchange Workshop for and with Medica Mondiale partner organisations in Southeastern Europe, was held in Sarajevo from November 5th to 6th, 2019 with the aim to learn from each other and foster collaboration and regional networkingbetween like-minded organisations.

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Meeting on ending child marriage in Serbia

sastanakThe Institute for Social Protection of the Republic of Serbia, the Association of Roma Novi Becej and the Center for Educational Policies as UNICEF partners in developing mechanisms and interventions for suppressing child marriage at the local level, held the local meeting on 02.07. 2019., in the ceremonial hall of the municipality of Novi Becej.

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Analyses of safety of Roma women in municipality Novi Becej supported by the OSCE Mission to Serbia

The Roma Association of Novi Bečej begins its work on the project "Towards improving safety of Roma women in the municipality of Novi Bečej" within which the Association’s activists will survey 300 Roma women and 100 Roma on the territory of Novi Bečej municipality for the purpose of assessing the local safety of Roma women and their personal sense of safety in the community and the municipality, but also their need to feel safe. Before the years end the Association will publish the research findings.

Empowerment - Joint Action – Change

femplatzActivists of the Novi Bečej Roma Association with partner NGO of the Banat Women's Roma Network, the Association of Roma “Danica” Pancevo, participated in closed-type training aimed at organizations that support or advocate for the rights of persons exposed to multiple and intersectional discrimination, with a particular focus on women from multiple marginalized groups.

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