promena svesti

UN Women Office in Serbia and European Commission on 29.05.2017, promoted the start of the three-year programme against violence against women in Serbia “Ending Violence against Women in the Western Balkan Countries and Turkey: Implementing Norms, Changing Minds”.

Goal of the programme is to empower women and girls survivors of violence and to implement the legislative framework in accordance to international standards on violence against women and girls and also to promote adequate social norms and attitudes to prevent discrimination and violence against women and girls. During the event it is pointed on the starting work on the National Strategy for Prevention and Combating Violence and on the new Law on Preventing Domestic Violence that will be implemented from the June 1st. The event also presented the GREVIO Study on availability and accessibility of support services for women and girls survivors of violence, according to which it is urged the establishment of the SOS line available 24h a day, then establishment of centres for victims of sexual violence and sustainable financial support of existing women’s specialized organizations.