bibija 25 maj

Roma Women's Center BIBIJA and partner organizations, the Association of Roma Novi Bečej and Roma Women's Center Veliki Crljeni Lazarevac, presented on 25.05.2017, at the EU info center in Belgrade results of 18 month project "Economic empowerment of Roma women: improving the capacity for employment and self-employment". In addition to presenting the results, participants in the major project activities - courses of various profiles, had transferred their personal expereinces.

Through the successful implementation of the project activities total of 94 Roma women and 15 Roma men completed the planned courses and received certificates of the School Adacemia Educativa. Vesna Ćerimović had spoken on the importance of this project in the work of the Association of Roma Novi Bečej and also gave information on the contribution of the Association and the importance of this support, especially for Roma women and girls.