02.11.2022. Ombudsmad femicid

On 02.11.2022. in Novi Sad at the Sheraton Hotel, the Provincial Ombudsman held the meeting on the prevention of femicide for professionals from the Center for Social Work from the territory of AP Vojvodina. The meeting was opened by the Provincial Ombudsman, PhD. Zoran Pavlović, who welcomed the participants, and afterwards Ms.  Andrijana Covic, as the representative of the UNWOMEN office in Serbia, addressed the participants.

02.11.2022. Ombudsmad femicid 02

The presentation on what we know about Femicide in Serbia through the results of research entitled "Social and Institutional Response to Femicide in Serbia" was presented by PhD. Ms. Kosana Becker, the consultant. Then, Danica Todorov, the consultant, gave a reminder about Case Conferences as a method of working on cases of domestic violence and violence in partnership relations through her presentation. The representative of the Association of Roma Novi Bec and consultant on the SOS Helpline, Ms. Vesna Cerimovic, presented to the participants the Case Conference in practice, based on the field results of previously realized Conferences, which were carried out in 10 cities in Vojvodina during 2022. Participants in the event had the opportunity to hear how the Case conferences were implemented, what results were achieved and examples of good practice, as well as recommendations for improving work and cooperation on this working methodology. The participants divided in working groups, were given the task to discuss how they would organize and implement a Case Conference through a specific case, and after 15 minutes of discussion, individuals from the groups presented their examples. During the discussion, the representatives of the Centers for Social Work had different opinions about possible solutions and support in the cases that they discussed during group work. Several representatives of Centers for Social Work are of the opinion that they need support from NGOs in working with women from marginalized groups, while other representatives believe that they do not need cooperation with NGOs.

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