dobra dela stvaraju heroje“Today we give you the opportunity to, even for a moment, become a hero to those who need your good deed!”

The company implements the project "Good deeds create heroes". They have compiled a list of non-profit organizations that they promote through their website and within Daibau magazine. The aim of this project is to direct companies with whom Daibau cooperates to non-profit organizations and encourage donations or other forms of support from the profit to the non-profit sector. The project "Good deeds create heroes" has been successfully implemented in Slovenia for two years and their company's policy is that they want to help those who need help the most with their work, and because of the success in Slovenia they want to start the same project in Serbia.

"Heroes are not born,they become heroes thanks to their actions in life. In order to become that, small but good deeds are enough - because the size of the deed is not measured by the one who gives help, but by the one who needs help".

~ Daibau Company

You can read more about the project itself HERE.