konferencija 10 12Until the 2020 pandemic, the Roma Association Novi Becej regularly organized public marches on December 10th in Novi Becej with the aim of calling on institutions to fight together to respect and non-violate human rights, but this year, due to the pandemic, it organized the Online Conference supported by the OAK Foundation and the Trag Foundation through a project called "One Call Makes a Change."

Roma men and women most often face discrimination in daily contacts with fellow citizens, at work and while performing their usual daily work and activities. Employment, exercising the right to work, social and health care and education are social activities in which they are most often exposed to discrimination. Spatial segregation and segregation in education, as well as hate speech, are forms of discrimination that, despite the established institutional protection, make life difficult and the realization of the rights of Roma men and women.

Speakers in the Conference were:

  • Prof. PhD Zoran Pavlović, Ombudsman – „Experiences related to citizens’ complaints on institutional discrimination and recommendations for further action“
  • Sonja Barbul, activist and translator of the Multi-ethnic Feminist Network in Vojvodina – „Early, arranged marriages, influence on Roma girls and boys“
  • Mr Zorica Šurlan, Association Roma women for Roma women – „How institutions serve women with disabilities“
  • Mr Danica Jovanović, Association of Roma Novi Becej – „SOS Helpline statistics and serving a woman survivor of violence”

Moderator of the Conference was Božidar Stojkov, journalist.

The Conference can be viewed HERE.