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The Institute for Social Protection of the Republic of Serbia, the Association of Roma Novi Becej and the Center for Educational Policies as UNICEF partners in developing mechanisms and interventions for suppressing child marriage at the local level, held the local meeting on 02.07. 2019., in the ceremonial hall of the municipality of Novi Becej.

In partnership with the Gender Equality Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, UNICEF supports the development and implementation of various cross-sectoral measures and mechanisms aimed at reducing the risk of child marriages in the Roma community. Solving the problem of child marriages is very complex and actions for its suppression must be directed and coordinated by numerous actors at both national and local levels. Novi Becej, as one of the cities in which a program to reduce the risk of child marriages is being piloted, will bring together all relevant local actors who, in accordance with their mandate and goals, can contribute to the suppression of child marriages in the Roma community, and thus to the stronger social inclusion of the Roma community .

Association of Novi Becej has begun its fight against early, child marriages of Roma girls since its establishment in 2000. Primary focus of its work on the prevention of all forms of violence begun in 2007., by establishing a SOS Helpline on minority languages. Public intervention and advocacy for influencing the ending of the practice of early, child marriages by the Association of Roma Novi Becej started in 2015, because it was determined by the records of the SOS Helpline that almost all Roma women (98%) named the wedding night as the night of beginning of violence against them which started by the act of sexual violence during the first wedding night.