Association of Roma Novi Becej has completed the three-year project "No More Victims - Roma Girls and Women Responding to Violence" supported by the UN Trust Fund for the Elimination of Violence against Women in a partnership with UNWOMEN. This project included an external evaluation of the entire project that primarily funded SOS telephone services, legal and judicial support to Roma women and other minority women victims of domestic violence and partnership, psychological counseling and overcoming the trauma of violence with a special focus on adolescents and girls, victims of early, forced or child marriages. Thus, Roma Association Novi Becej received a very important document of accreditation of its work, as well as measures and ways to improve its work in the future in order to increase the satisfaction of its beneficiaries. The document is only available in English as the primary language of the project.

  DRAFT FINAL EXTERNAL PROJECT EVALUATION REPORT No More Victims: Roma Women and Girls Respond to Violence