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The Association of Roma Novi Becej, within the framework of the program "Integrated Response to Violence against Women and Girls in Vojvodina, Phase II", implemented by the Provincial Secretariat for Social Policy, Demography and Gender Equality, developed the Methodology for conducting a Case Conference, which was officially presented to the Government AP Vojvodina in Novi Sad, on 24.4.2019.

Contents of the Methodology and importance of implementation of the Case Conferences in managing the most complicated cases of domestic and partner violence, especially cases of violence against marginalized and multiple vulnerable categories of women or adolescents at the local level, was presented by Danica Jovanović with the support of experts and associates of the Association and the SOS Vojvodina Network and activists of the Association.

The Association of Roma Novi Becej is now testing the Methodology in ten municipalities in Vojvodina.

metodologija timDanica Jovanović with associates