sporazum zastita dece

Violence against children is a widespread, unwanted phenomenon that leads to the child's suffering, disturbs his mental and physical integrity and well-being. Violence can occur in all environments and in the different life situations in which the child is. Types of violence against children include, first of all, physical, emotional and sexual violence, as well as exploitation, child trafficking, child labor, peer abuse, digital violence.

Representatives of 15 institutions, including Novi Becej municipality, as the project manager, Center for Social Work of Novi Becej Municipality, Basic Court and Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Bečej, Misdemeanor Court in Zrenjanin, Department in Novi Bečej, Police Station Novi Becej, Health Center Novi Becej, Preschool institution "Pava Sudarski", all six municipal schools and Association of Roma Novi Becej, today signed an Agreement on cooperation in protecting children from violence, abuse and neglect in the municipality of Novi Becej. This agreement is the result of the work of the municipal intersectoral team dealing with this topic.

According to the president of the municipality, Sasa Maksimovic, not only is there a moral need, but also a legal obligation to protect children from violence. Goran Čimburović, President of the Basic Court in Becej, emphasized the exceptional importance of signing this agreement: "The signing of today's agreement represents only the concretization of all the activities that preceded this action. I can say that I am satisfied with everything that we did today. This is just the first step towards what we are yet to do, and the list of signatories and institutions tells how serious this is. I think that we will do our job responsibly and that we will all contribute from the institutional aspects that we come from to help minimize violence against children, which is at the center of everything."

Source: TV Novi Bečej: Zaštita dece od nasilja kao prioritet