Zrenjanin, 14.-15.09.2018.

shadow reporting cedawAssociation of Roma Novi Becej as the member NGO of the SOS Vovjodina Network participates in the drafting the Shadow report on the implementation of the UN CEDAW Convention in Serbia. The project is run by the SOS Vojvodina Network an supported by UNWOMEN Serbia headquarters and the European Commission.

During the meeting held in Zrenjanin on September 14th and 15th, 2018, total of 15 female and male representatives as well as female experts had gathered to analyze and discuss methodology and format of this report.

The report will include specific positions of 10 groups of multi marginalized women (women with disabilities, Roma women, rural women, ethnic minority women, single mothers, women prisoners, women in residential institutions, women experiencing gender based violence, LGBT women and migrant women. Ion such manner the report will point to specific problems and concerns related to the each individual group of women.