Annual Report 2017

Projects that Association of Roma Novi Becej and SOS Helpline on minority languages had implemented dealt with areas of providing basic and specialist services of the SOS Helpline and analyses of the inadequate and untimely provision of Police services under the proceeded areas and analyses of the inaccessibility of Safe Houses for Roma women.

Association had actively worked on strengthening activism among young Roma women, activists and volunteers in Vojvodina, held public actions against racism, violence against women and girls and against early, arranged marriages.

Under the framework of activities of the Roma Women’s Network of Banat in partnership with Roma Women’s Center “Rromnjako Ilo” we had worked on analyses of the problem of early marriages as the ticket for sexual violence, what made us to overview the problem from a different perspective and strengthening the responsiveness of the organization related to the problem of sexual violence and rape, especially of girls.

  Annual Report of the Association of Roma Novi Becej 2017